Updated: September 1st 2005

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Paul Weeden Discography
Paul Weeden remembers Jimmy Smith!
Paul Weeden Sings!

Paul Weeden Discography

compiled by
Carl-Bernhard Kjelstrup, Jr

New Discography from Paul Weeden Thanks to Carl-Bernhard Kjelstrup, Jr. we can now offer you the (almost?) complete discography of Paul's musically traces.
It must have been a hell of a job to track down these traces, starting in 1954!
We are talking more then fifty years of being busy with making music!
Even today Paul is traveling through the world to spread his musically spoken word.
Although Paul never has been a member of Art Blakey's Jazz Messenger's, he's still a real Jazz Messenger, spreading the notes and keeping the music alive.
For this he deserves recognition. With this discography we bring a small tribute to his indefatigable efforts to spread the message.


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Paul Weeden remembers Jimmy Smith

We have lost a good friend and musician. Yet, he will never be for gotten!
Jimmy was the king of the organ and has inspired many organists! He was here in Oslo not long ago and I called him at the hotel he was staying at.
When I said whom, I was, he said: "Who in the hell are you?" and we had a big laugh.
I had just played a gig earlier. We had a good time talking about many old and new things. He said to me, I need a comb, so I went out and bought him one. There came three taxis to take him and his band to the gig. He said, get your ass in the car. When we got to the gig, we talked a lot while his band was playing.
Later on, he said to the club owner that he was hungry, who sent someone to get some food and Jimmy said: "Don't forget Paul." I was hungry after I had played. We ate, talked and had a good time.
To my surprise, he had to be helped on the stage and had a bass player because he could not use his left hand! He played like hell!
Jimmy, as you know, was the king who inspired many.
I first met Jimmy when I lived in Philadelphia and played in the Don Gardner band with him. I knew then that he was someone who would make it. I have sat in with him many times.
He uses to say that the Hammond has body. It's got depth and resonance. It has clarity and quality, and with the Hammond, you feel it in your bones. His hard drive has made everyone feel what he was doing.
Jimmy must be credited breaking new ground. He had many imitators. A real genius and has inspired many organist and other musicians. He heard Wild Bill Davis playing organ and was laid out. He told Downbeat some years ago: "When Bill finished playing I snuck upon the band stand to touch the organ. It was so soft and I knew I could play it."
You see, we were playing r&b with Don Gardner and Jimmy was playing piano in the 40's and early 50' s. He had to borrow money in 1954 I think it was to buy his first Hammond organ. I remember that he uses to practice in a ware house in Philly. When I asked how he was doing, he said: "Fine."
He liked the sound of Gene Ammons, Illinos Jaquet, and Arnett Cobb. Jimmy uses to say that it is the feeling that is important. He never liked drummers that he couldn't feel. To him, if he is too loud, he is out of it.
Take care and play for Jimmy.


Paul Weeden Sings!

In the beginning of this March the plans are to do a studio recording with Paul performing as a singer.
Paul, who claimed to be the one to have given George Benson the advise to sing, will now do a recording session where he will account for the singing.
We keep you informed about this happening.

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